Make It Personal

Want to bring human-oriented data sensibility to your conference or company? With years of experience making technical topics accessible and exciting, creative and personal, I can do the same for you and the people who are important to you. I’m a top data science video author at LinkedIn Learning and the creator of one of the fastest trending data science videos on YouTube. Here’s what people have to say:

  • You have just turned the first light on in my head to this.

  • Excellent… you should see the smile on my face!

  • You, sir, are a HERO. You saved my bacon so badly I cannot express it in words!

  • You are a lifesaver. In all five flavors.

  • Thank you so much. I was on the verge of collapsing but you saved my brain.

  • You just saved my life. Many thanks!

  • Sometimes I believe God talks to me and answers my prayers. [This] is definitely one of those moments. You saved me... thanks!

  • Bart, you’re my hero! Your videos have transformed the stats class for my doctorate from something very challenging to something meaningful and useful. I can now better see how to actually USE this stuff!

  • There has to be a special place in heaven for people like you!


Data Presentations & Clients

I’ve helped people learn to use data in a insight-driven, socially-responsive way at these professional conferences, corporations, and nonprofit organizations, among others: client logos.png

Let me help you and your organization work more productively and responsibly. Contact me about speaking at your conference or training event at or complete the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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